BCM 312

Should We Worry About Filter Bubbles?

With so much research available on the existence of filter bubbles, it can be exhausting trying to sort through the arguments. But the current literature does suggest that they do exist. A central article on this topic gives a critical analysis of available literature on filter bubbles and evaluates their existence. Spohr initially set out… Continue reading Should We Worry About Filter Bubbles?

BCM 312

Bubbles and Brexit

A significant worry some people have about filter bubbles is whether they can affect the way people vote. The most concern comes during election periods and other major events that contribute to democracy. One such event was the Brexit vote in the UK. During the build-up to the referendum, there was heavy campaigning from both… Continue reading Bubbles and Brexit

BCM 312

Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere

Numerous articles argue filter bubbles do exist. But there is almost the same number claiming filter bubbles are nothing but a bad dream. How do we know what the truth is? A study conducted by Flaxman et al. examined the web browsing patterns of 50,000 US internet users over three months. It showed that articles… Continue reading Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere

JRNL 204

UOW Researchers Closing in on CF Breakthrough

A team of researchers from the UOW School of Chemistry, led by Dr Michael Kelso, are close to finalising a drug that could change the lives of people living with Cystic Fibrosis. The team has been working since 2009 to tackle respiratory biofilm illnesses, as Lizzie Jack reports. Filmed & edited by me.

BCM 241

But First… Let Me Take a Selfie

Something that I’ve often thought about is the way that we use different media whilst travelling. As someone who takes a lot of photos and videos just in everyday life, going on holiday increases this tenfold because I want to capture everything around me so I can revisit the moment vividly even after I get… Continue reading But First… Let Me Take a Selfie

BCM 241

Collaborate for a Better View

In The Chicago Guide to Collaborative Ethnography, Lassiter says that “in the communities in which we work, study, or practice, we cannot possibly carry out our unique craft without engaging others in the context of their real, everyday lives” (2005, p.15). To me, this statement means that we as researchers would not be able to… Continue reading Collaborate for a Better View

BCM 212

A Quick Reflection

The project that I put together is one that I am proud of, even though there were parts that could’ve been better. Conducting interviews was outside of my comfort zone, however once I started it got easier as I went along. I feel that each of the steps I took to complete this project were… Continue reading A Quick Reflection

BCM 212

Research Update: What’s happening?

When conducting a research project, there are many things that have to be considered. From ethics, to interview construction, to background research - there's always something to be doing. One main thing I've learnt from this is that time management is key. In order to make sure everything gets completed on time, I've created a… Continue reading Research Update: What’s happening?

BCM 212

Campus Living: Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Coming from a tiny island in the middle of the English Channel, I knew that if I wanted to pursue higher education I would only have two options; college or university. While the college courses offered in Jersey are well-taught, they are limited in variety. University options were either through the college, online or overseas… Continue reading Campus Living: Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?