BCM 312

Bad Bubble Dream

In recent years, the media has caused a lot of hype about filter bubbles and how damaging they are. Because of this, more people are questioning if they exist. Some of the evidence suggests yes they do, but some believe filter bubbles are not as prevalent as they are made out to be. One of… Continue reading Bad Bubble Dream

BCM 312

Unfollow, Unfriend, Delete, Repeat

When it comes to voting in today’s society, a lot of people look for information about the candidates online. But how do we know if the information we’re seeing is accurate? For democracy to work effectively, everyone needs to be equally informed. Filter bubbles distort how we see vital information which can have a detrimental… Continue reading Unfollow, Unfriend, Delete, Repeat

BCM 241

Floating in Media Space

Whenever I think of a media space, a group of people and their computers floating around connected to each other by wires is always the first image that comes to mind. In reality, a media space doesn’t physically exist. The concept is the same, but the connections are virtual. My experience with media spaces runs… Continue reading Floating in Media Space