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UOW UniActive Exercising for Breast Cancer Awareness

UOW UniActive has held body pump classes to support the Pink Ribbon Foundation and to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The sessions encouraged people to use their active and healthy lifestyles to raise money to support those battling breast cancer. Caitlin Goldthorpe reports. For more information on the Pink Ribbon Foundation, head to https://www.pinkribbon.com.au/ Filmed &… Continue reading UOW UniActive Exercising for Breast Cancer Awareness

JRNL 204

UOW Researchers Closing in on CF Breakthrough

A team of researchers from the UOW School of Chemistry, led by Dr Michael Kelso, are close to finalising a drug that could change the lives of people living with Cystic Fibrosis. The team has been working since 2009 to tackle respiratory biofilm illnesses, as Lizzie Jack reports. Filmed & edited by me.

JRNL 204

Wollongong Tackles Climate Change

As a coastal city surrounded by bushland, Wollongong is threatened by rising sea levels and bushfires - which will inevitably come with a warming climate. The University of Wollongong hosted a community forum for Global Climate Change Week. The panel featured UOW academics, all experts in their climate related field. Lucy Finter reports. Filmed &… Continue reading Wollongong Tackles Climate Change