BCM 312

Bubbles and Brexit

A significant worry some people have about filter bubbles is whether they can affect the way people vote. The most concern comes during election periods and other major events that contribute to democracy. One such event was the Brexit vote in the UK. During the build-up to the referendum, there was heavy campaigning from both… Continue reading Bubbles and Brexit

BCM 312

Bad Bubble Dream

In recent years, the media has caused a lot of hype about filter bubbles and how damaging they are. Because of this, more people are questioning if they exist. Some of the evidence suggests yes they do, but some believe filter bubbles are not as prevalent as they are made out to be. One of… Continue reading Bad Bubble Dream

BCM 312

Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere

Numerous articles argue filter bubbles do exist. But there is almost the same number claiming filter bubbles are nothing but a bad dream. How do we know what the truth is? A study conducted by Flaxman et al. examined the web browsing patterns of 50,000 US internet users over three months. It showed that articles… Continue reading Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere

BCM 312

Unfollow, Unfriend, Delete, Repeat

When it comes to voting in today’s society, a lot of people look for information about the candidates online. But how do we know if the information we’re seeing is accurate? For democracy to work effectively, everyone needs to be equally informed. Filter bubbles distort how we see vital information which can have a detrimental… Continue reading Unfollow, Unfriend, Delete, Repeat

BCM 312

Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the Internet

While some may not consider filter bubbles as posing too much of a threat, others believe that they can cause damage outside of the internet. In his TED Talk, Eli Pariser mentioned one of his first experience of filter bubbles. He noticed one day that all of the conservative posts had disappeared from his news… Continue reading Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the Internet

BCM 312

Filter Bubbles 101

Have you ever noticed your Facebook suggesting posts or groups associated with something that you’ve recently interacted with? Maybe you’ve been presented with lots of memes about the Game of Thrones finale after liking the official page. Or you’re being suggested pages related to a brand of product that you liked pictures of. Or, if… Continue reading Filter Bubbles 101

BCM 312

BreLeave in Brexit?

Unless you’ve avoided all forms of social media over the last two years, you’ve probably heard of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union – aptly dubbed ‘Brexit’. The political climate of the UK has been highly publicised since the referendum was announced, and many politicians including Prime Minister David Cameron have stepped… Continue reading BreLeave in Brexit?

BCM 241

Floating in Media Space

Whenever I think of a media space, a group of people and their computers floating around connected to each other by wires is always the first image that comes to mind. In reality, a media space doesn’t physically exist. The concept is the same, but the connections are virtual. My experience with media spaces runs… Continue reading Floating in Media Space