BCM 241

But First… Let Me Take a Selfie

Something that I’ve often thought about is the way that we use different media whilst travelling. As someone who takes a lot of photos and videos just in everyday life, going on holiday increases this tenfold because I want to capture everything around me so I can revisit the moment vividly even after I get… Continue reading But First… Let Me Take a Selfie

BCM 241

Changing Times

Although I couldn’t physically go back to the home of my previous interview subject (which is also my home), I was still able to find out how the internet has changed daily life in my house. To start, I worked out how many devices are currently connected to the internet: 4 mobile phones 4 laptops… Continue reading Changing Times

BCM 241

Collaborate for a Better View

In The Chicago Guide to Collaborative Ethnography, Lassiter says that “in the communities in which we work, study, or practice, we cannot possibly carry out our unique craft without engaging others in the context of their real, everyday lives” (2005, p.15). To me, this statement means that we as researchers would not be able to… Continue reading Collaborate for a Better View

BCM 241

Floating in Media Space

Whenever I think of a media space, a group of people and their computers floating around connected to each other by wires is always the first image that comes to mind. In reality, a media space doesn’t physically exist. The concept is the same, but the connections are virtual. My experience with media spaces runs… Continue reading Floating in Media Space

JRNL 201

Hidden in Plain Sight

Keeping things from your parents is a part of every teenager’s life and Ashleigh Rivers is no different. However, her biggest secret may soon be revealed to her parents, and she’s not entirely sure how they will take it. Drinking, finding the hottest guy at the party to hook up with, and procrastinating: the top… Continue reading Hidden in Plain Sight

BCM 212

A Quick Reflection

The project that I put together is one that I am proud of, even though there were parts that could’ve been better. Conducting interviews was outside of my comfort zone, however once I started it got easier as I went along. I feel that each of the steps I took to complete this project were… Continue reading A Quick Reflection

BCM 212

Research Update: What’s happening?

When conducting a research project, there are many things that have to be considered. From ethics, to interview construction, to background research - there's always something to be doing. One main thing I've learnt from this is that time management is key. In order to make sure everything gets completed on time, I've created a… Continue reading Research Update: What’s happening?

JRNL 250

Media Release Practice

Ex-lawyer running for state election calls for greater drug restrictions in legislation Tuesday, 21 March 2017   Campbelltown City Councillor Jackson McGrath announced today that he will be running for NSW Labor in the upcoming state election. His policies will have a focus on introducing drug education programmes for adolescents. Whilst practising law for ten… Continue reading Media Release Practice