BCM 241

But First… Let Me Take a Selfie

Something that I’ve often thought about is the way that we use different media whilst travelling. As someone who takes a lot of photos and videos just in everyday life, going on holiday increases this tenfold because I want to capture everything around me so I can revisit the moment vividly even after I get home. To me, photos and videos allow other people to share my experience and helps me remember the time better. Sometimes, I do prefer to just be there in the moment with no phone or camera and just enjoy it as it happens.

I’m curious to see if this is similar to other people and whether this varies by age group or not. According to an infographic from Internet Marketing Inc., 76% of travellers post pictures of their trips to social media sites, and 52% of Facebook users surveyed said that photos of friends on holiday inspired their travels. Being someone who loves to travel, seeing holiday photos makes me want to drop everything and go away immediately, so it will be interesting to research whether this is a feeling others get too or if it has a different effect.

Another aspect I’d like to consider would be if those who do post travel photos, do so in order to gain likes on their social media or if they have other motives for posting. In the same area, I’d also like to look at when people post their pictures – is it while they are in the place? Or after they get home? Do they spend time selecting pictures and editing, or do they just take the picture and post?

So, the question that I am hoping to answer is: how does our media usage change while we are travelling?

In the spirit of collaborative ethnography, I am hoping to make an attempt at this through my project. In order to achieve this, I would conduct a survey to gain quantitative data so that I can get an idea of the types of questions I would need to ask in interviews. In my survey, I will add a section where people can add questions that they think should be asked in interviews so as to get an idea of their opinion and what they think should be included in my project.

For the qualitative data, I would conduct interviews and focus group to get more in-depth answers about what I’m looking for. In the interviews and focus group I would be sharing my survey findings to get the interviewee’s perspective.

Although this is more research than journalism based, I will be adhering to the MEAA Journalism Code of Ethics to ensure that my work is accurate, honest, fair, respects the rights of those involved, and the rights of those who may be affected.

I’m excited to start this project and see where it takes me, as travel is something quite close to me as an individual.

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