BCM 241

Floating in Media Space

Whenever I think of a media space, a group of people and their computers floating around connected to each other by wires is always the first image that comes to mind. In reality, a media space doesn’t physically exist. The concept is the same, but the connections are virtual.

My experience with media spaces runs way back to when I would come home from primary school and log onto MSN to message my friends to ask what server they were using in Club Penguin so I could join them. Or watching ten minute YouTube videos with my friends just before they were about to leave so we could drag out the time that we had together.


One day in 2008, my cousin showed me a new social media site and we made profiles together in secret, because we were only 11 and you had to be 13 to register. At the time, it was pretty boring – no one we knew had a profile, and what’s the point of social media if not to be social – so we forgot about it until the site really started to take off with people our age.

Almost ten years, several embarrassing photos and status updates later, Facebook has reached 2 billion users and is more popular than ever before. The changes it’s made to the way people interact with social media, with other people, media content, and the media itself, have been staggering.


For me, it has certainly affected interactions with my friends positively. Being the other side of the world, Facebook allows me to talk to my friends and family easily and quickly, without the need for long, expensive calls from my mobile. My friends and I have a Facebook group that was established in high school and remains active today, mostly consisting of university and life updates to keep us all connected. This is one group within a larger media space has members that are part of multiple other groups and other media spaces, myself included.

So, while my friends and I are all connected through different media spaces, I still imagine us floating around in space together.

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