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Ex-lawyer running for state election calls for greater drug restrictions in legislation

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Campbelltown City Councillor Jackson McGrath announced today that he will be running for NSW Labor in the upcoming state election. His policies will have a focus on introducing drug education programmes for adolescents.

Whilst practising law for ten years in the Campbelltown area, which is considered a low socio-economic suburb, the 36-year-old was exposed to the large percentage of drug use in the community. This gave him insight and awareness as to the extent that this has on such people, which pushed him to run for Council in order to reduce the amount of drug use. As Councillor, he has put forward several initiatives to help improve the circumstances in Campbelltown.

Cr McGrath noted that: ‘The current government response to drug use is not sufficient to deal with the problem.’ If elected, he ensures that his policies will have a strong focus on education and rehabilitation of drugs, in an effort to reduce the number of drug cases per year. Cr McGrath believes that the best strategy is to implement an education initiatives into schools in order to help children understand the dangers and consequences that can occur through frequent drug use.

Despite recent attempts by the current labor government to tackle the use of illegal drugs, Cr McGrath does not believe that their methods have been successful. ‘The response to drug use in Kings Cross was to create safe injection centres,’ says McGrath. ‘But this is not stopping people from using drugs, it is just creating a safe space for them in which to continue using illegal substances.’ He believes that this movement is not effective in reducing the percentage of drug use – it is merely controlling it.

Having implemented various drug education concepts in the Campbelltown area through his work in the Council, the area has seen a significant decrease in drug use. Cr McGrath wants to bring his work state-wide and is certain that – based on the results in Campbelltown – by educating adolescents and those at risk for drug abuse, he can competently cut down the number of drug users in NSW.

Jackson McGrath grew up in Campbelltown and has worked in the area for the last thirteen years. He hopes that by running for the state election he can shed light on the problems surrounding drug reform at a local and state-wide level.


Brittany Flageul works for Jackson McGrath’s election campaign as manager of the public relations department.

For further details please contact:

Brittany Flageul

Public relations manager

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This media release has been created as part of an exercise. The material is not considered to be factual. 

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