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Color Run transforms Stuart Park into ‘tropicolor’ paradise

Runners turned up in their thousands for Wollongong’s Color Run this year to show their support for the colourful event aimed at promoting healthiness, happiness and individuality.

The Color Run, known as the ‘Happiest 5k on the planet’, is a chance for people of all ages and fitness levels to have fun while exercising.

Wollongong resident Aimee Gawthorne said that the event was very well organised and enjoyable.

“I’ve never been before because I always had work commitments, but this year I had the weekend off and I’m so glad because it’s been so much fun,” she said.

The event, held at Stuart Park in North Wollongong, brought runners out for an 8am start where they made their way around the course towards a fun and colour-filled finish festival. Runners got the chance to show off their dance moves and catch some free merchandise.

Runners weren’t the only ones getting in on the fun, those who took part as volunteers also got their fair share of the action. Volunteers had the chance to cover the runners in the official Color Run t-shirts and headbands, and coated them from head to toe in colour at the various stations throughout the course.

Hilltop resident Claudette Armstrong, said that she volunteered because she doesn’t really like running but still wanted to take part in the event.

“It was a great way to show support for friends that were actually running in the event and to still be involved,” she said.

Claudette said that while the volunteers’ main job was to help out at the event, they were also encouraged to have fun and get involved in the different roles.

The day ended with a huge dance festival that was open not just to runners, but also to anyone who came down to support them on the day. Participants, volunteers and supporters were surrounded by music and colour as event staff got everyone jumping and dancing during the colour throws.

Although those who attended agreed that the event was a good day and very fun-filled, Ms. Gawthorne mentioned that while the event is fun she believes that they are charging too much with standard adult tickets priced at $67.50.

“I had a lot of fun but they are charging too much for the tickets,” she said.

As the Color Run is a for-profit event management company, it is expected that ticket prices would be more expensive. The company does contribute to charities however, with the Color Run Australia having donated $1.5 million to date.

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