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National tour for Kiama locals

Kiama-based indie rock group The Vanns have embarked on a national tour to promote their new single “I’m Not The One”.

The three band members – James ‘Jimmy’ Vann (vocals/guitar), Lachie Jones (drums) and Tom Switlek (bass) – have been playing together since 2012 but have not seen success like this scale during the course of their career.

Frontman Vann, said that the group was excited to be back on tour and playing gigs again after a short break over the Christmas period.

The group have rapidly risen to fame since their formation in 2012, after touring with groups like Sticky Fingers, The Familiars, Kingswood, The Delta Riggs and British India.

One of the main reasons the group are becoming more well-known is because of projects like Triple J’s Unearthed project that aims to find and showcase new talent throughout Australia. The group have been featured on the website and digital radio several times that has helped them to gain more of a following.

Kicking off their tour around the country, the band started at Rad Bar in Wollongong on April 18th, with stopovers in more regional cities than their last tour. Their set lasted for roughly two hours and the boys brought a high level of energy and spirit throughout their performance that gave the gig an livened atmosphere.

Catch the boys at one of their upcoming gigs.
Catch the boys at one of their upcoming gigs.

Keiraville resident Lizzie Jack saw the band when they played in Wollongong at the beginning of their tour.

“The Vanns are one of my favourite bands and it’s really great to see them getting more well-known and going on bigger tours around the country,” she said.

This year, the group have been touring to promote their new single which has seen incredible success so far, and are hoping to receive the same amount of support when their new EP is released later this year. With nearly 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify their popularity is only going up.

Tom Switlek (bass) taking a quick break between songs during set.
Tom Switlek (bass) taking a quick break between songs during set.

However the boys have expressed that they are not actively ‘hunting for success’, and are just enjoying their time writing and performing.

“We’re happy just to be making music, and if people like it then that’s even better,” said the guitarist.

“We just wanted a reason to tour,” Lachie had to add when asked about the success of their recent EP.

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