BCM 112


Jrni57A - Imgur
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Creating an online persona is something that most people in this age have accomplished, however whether what is presented online is true or not is a different story.

Amalia Ulman started her Instagram account in 2014 and to anyone viewing it, the page looked like a girl documenting her new life in L.A. but it was actually part of an art project she was working on. The purpose of which was to show that not everything people see on the internet is what happens in real life.

Ulman recently said in an interview “That was the main critique: ‘It wasn’t the truth? How dare you! You lied to people!’ Well, that’s because you should learn that everyone is lying online. I’m not the first one!

There have been many criticisms of Instagram stars and how they are not representing their life as it really is, but if people really think that this is the worst form of representation on the internet they really need to sort out their priorities.

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