BCM 112

The Blair What?


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One of the first examples of transmedia storytelling is that of The Blair Witch Project, as it was advertised in several stages and was one of the first examples of web storytelling.

The way that the creators, Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez, staged the run up to the film helped create hype and interest among followers. They created missing posters for the three students, a website that showed the ‘legacy’ of Blair Witch and includes a look at Heather’s journal that was ‘found’. These all helped build up the idea that the movie was real as Myrick and Sánchez never mentioned if it was based on fiction or truth.

Since the release of the movie, there were a trilogy of video games, a one-shot comic, a documentary and several books that were released which presented ideas as to what happened to the students and the mythology behind the film.

Many agree that this series is an excellent example of transmedia narrative as it started out with the posters and hand-written notes on bulletin boards and built and shaped around this idea that the students were missing, leading to one of the most successful stand-alone movies of all time.


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