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What Do You Mean We’re Meant to Be Passive?

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Media audiences have changed dramatically in recent years, changing from passive to active. I’ve made a short YouTube video this week that looks at how this has happened and what audiences are now able to do.

1 thought on “What Do You Mean We’re Meant to Be Passive?”

  1. I really enjoyed the format of your youtube video and an attractive blog post overall, it was different from sitting and talking in front of a camera and I like that. You make some good points about the paradigmatic shift that has occurred with the advent of the internet and the cyber culture that has formed from this shift. I particularly like the point you made about how we as individuals have taken over the role of gatekeeper in that we ourselves now decide what content is valuable to share, unlike a monologic media form such as an editorial in a newspaper. We have become a dialogic society, a society that talks to one another instead of consuming our content in isolation. perhaps you could have included a quick explanation on the difference between monologic and dialogic media. I look forward to reading your future blog posts 🙂


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