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Apple vs Android

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With the global rise in technology, and in turn the rise of malicious software, it’s no surprise consumers are looking to invest in technology that will not only provide them with a device that allows them to alter the software, but also protects it from malware such as Heartbleed (PC), Shellshock (OS X/Linux) and Stagefright (Android).

Android products have been praised for their use of open source platforms to create their software as it allows customers to adjust and modify the way that it runs, particularly with app stores that are perhaps not properly regulated and so customers are able to download ‘unsafe’ apps. However this can lead to all sorts of problems for the consumers, as their once perfect phone has now become a home for all sorts of bugs that can affect the data and information on someone’s phone. Not really what people are going for.

Apple on the other hand, definitely has a better grasp of security on their iPhones, however they don’t have the same software set up as Android which means that their content and system is far more controlled and closed. In support of this, Stagefright managed to penetrate nearly 95% of Android phones, which is a hell of a lot of access. Since Apple has generally better software security in place, it’s not really any surprise that more and more customers have been making the switch the to Apple despite the lack of freedom with it.






1 thought on “Apple vs Android”

  1. I’m curious to see what sort of ‘bugs’ the Android phone contracts when opening ‘unsafe apps’. Being an Android owner myself for many years, I have never come across any of these problems. Perhaps including statistics into this post or a back up to this statement could allow readers for a clearer understanding into this debatable issue. This post seems to be a little biased in relation to the Apply VS Android debate. However, a very clear and constructive post. Interesting that people are now converting to Apple, when previous statistics showed that people were converting FROM Apple devices due to their unreliability. Great read.


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